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5.Kochuchacko, Kunjappan Ichayan son of Mathunni Chacko, Acha

Kochuchacko, the fifth son of Mathunni Chacko was born in Kanjirappally in A.D.1880. He was well versed in many languages as well as the English language. He was the most educated man among his generation in family. Kochuchacko married Annamma, Marattil Karippal (4th child of Dummini, Marattil and Aley)while living in Kanjirappally. The following were their children.

1. Chacko (Kochu)

was settled at Thottumukham, Malabar. He had three children. He was a farmer at Thottumugham, Malabar. Further details are unknown.


married to Devasia Pulimoottil, Vazhoor.


4.Chacko Joseph born in 1929

married Annakutty Kurumullil. The following are their children. a. James Chacko. b.Mathew Tomi, BA.Bed. c. Jessy. d. Sherley.

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