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h! y chool lessed acrament

ear Dr. Woods:

am sorry to say Im leaving,

good luck may the future bring.

will miss my teachers and also you,

but I only wish we knew,

hether wed be coming back,

because your niceness we will lack.

hrough the past four years I have seen,

you- not a tiny bit mean.

ach graduation and assembly come,

Ive loved your speeches at each one.

hen come Christmas and then Easter,

we will think " Oh, how we miss her."

like the way you keep the school so nice,

Ray makes sure there are no mice.

utting iodine on our knees and band-aid on our hands,

nurse Connie will never demand.

really enjoyed the Read-A-Thon,

but I did not enjoy getting in trouble with Pokemon.

he teachers are so good,

and because youre our principal-they should.

y sister Nicole and I,

ish you the very best and Good-bye!

reethi Fernandez
Grade 4, 1999

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