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I Get blamed For Everything

By: Preethi Fernandez
(with help from Samantha goodman)

I get blamed for everything
Listen to me while I sing
I don't get blamed when the balls in the goal
Only when the base is stole
I get blamed when they throw a football on me
My problem you can see
I get blamed for kicking it out
I get blamed for catching the trout
I get blamed for when things stay the same
I get blamed while we're playing the game
I got blamed when the TV broke
I got blamed for drinking the Coke
I get blamed when things go wrong
that's why I made this dumb poem
Suddenly I am very cold
The other team won I'm told
As you can see
The other team congratulates me
for letting them win
I've done a sin
The only time I didn't get blamed
as a treat,
was the time the ball rolled to Erika's feet.
As you can see I have lots of problems
like I don't know the king,
but my biggest problem is
that I get blamed for everything

Hope you lose that broom real soon!