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Introduction and Family History

[1] Chandapilla(16th cent.) was one of the descendants of Thommi Valiyaveettil. He was the second son of Eapen Karanavar who married from Thekkekara, Chenganacheri. Chandapilla had another two brothers and eight sisters. His older brother Eapen married from Ottaplakkal, Palai.(Karippaparampil Families etc roots) The younger brother Kunjakko married from Mylatoor, Palai and was the founder of Puthanpurakkal branch. (Kadamapuzha families, Azhakathakadiyel, Kariyanampoykayil roots etc) Chandapilla the second son of Eapen married the daughter of Chacko Panikkar, Karakkal Thiruvalla.

[2] Thommi the son of Chandapilla married from Vanchikkattu.

[3] Chacko the son of Thommi married from Vallattu

[4] Thommi the son of Chacko married from Srampikkal. They had three Children while living in Kanjirappally. His three children were as follows while living in Kanjirappally.

(a)Mathunni married Brijitha Kallukulangara (Padannamakkel, Edayadi branch)

(b) Chacko and Anna Eartheyil (Chandivakkil and his children branch)

3.Ittiyavira (Vazaveli, Panackal, Puthuparampu)

[5] Ittiyavira, the third son of Thommi had three children.

(a) Chacko Vazhaveli (b) Avira married from Manjadiyil (Panakkal and Puthuparmpu 'A' roots) Punnoose married Aleyamma Parakkal (Puthuparampil 'B') Branch.

Avira married from Manjadiyil Children (Puthuparampil 'A' and Panakkal roots)

Avira married from Manjadi had the following children.

(I) Thresiamma Vargeese, Mannuparampil-Kurisumoottil
(II)Alyyamma Ouseph Illikkamuriyil.
III.Annamma Chilampil, Vilakkumadam.
IV. Joseph Pappen, the founding father of Puthuparampu 'A' Branch.
V. Kunjakko and Mammy Kokkavayalil, Puthiyaparmpil-Nedunkunnam (founding father of Panackal branch)

[VI] Abraham died at the age of 28.

I. Thresiamma, the daughter of Avira Padannamakkel married to Vargese Mannuparampil.

They had six children.

1. Kocheli (Eleyamma) married from Cheruvallil.

2. Mariyamma married to Puthiyathu, Nedunkunnam.

3.Thresiamm married to Mundanplackal, Kanjiramattam.

4.Annamma married to Puthiyathu, Nedunkunnam

5. Oromma married from Pulinkunnu..

6. Dominic son of Thresiamma and Varghese Mannuparampil had the following children.

a. Varkey (Rev. Fr. MD. Varkey S.J.)

b.Joseph (M.D. Joseph BA.BL) Formerly the President of All Kerala Catholic Congress.

c. Annamma (Kunjamma) Thaikkattusseri married to Hormis Tharakan, Valiyaparayil.

d. Elykutty (Rev.Sr. Serahine)

e. Marikutty (Rev. Sr. Immaculate)

II. Elyamma daughter of Avira Padannamakkel married to Ouseph Illikkamuriyil.

They had the following children.

1. Kutti is settled at Urankavil.

2. Devasia is settled at Channapetta, Punalur.

3. Chacko married Ammiyanikkal, Moonnilave and settled at Elengoi, Vazhoor.

4. Mariyamma married to Kodimarathinmoottil.

5. Thomas settled at Edakunnthu.

6. Annamma married to Kunjappan Mittathani.

7. Kunjeli married to Ouseph Mittathani, Kallekulathu.

III. Annamma, the third daughter of Avira Puthuparampil Padannamakkel

married from Chilampil, Vilakkumadathu. This family is settled at Thampalakkadu.

IV. Joseph Pappan, the fourth son of Avira Padannamakkel

was the founding father of Puthuparampil branch 'A'. He married Mariyamma Maniyangattu, Marangattupally, Kozhuvanal.They had the following 12 children while living in Kanjirappally.
  • 1.Fr. Abraham(death 1941).
  • 2.P.J. Chacko.
  • 3.P.J.Joseph.
  • 4.P.J. Mathai
  • 5.P.J.dominic.
  • 6.P.J.Vargese.
  • 7.Eley Ammamma.
  • 8. Mariyam Inthani.
  • 9. Devasia Sevan
  • 10.P.J.Chandi.
  • 11.Thresia,Etha (death 1960)
  • 12. Annakutty. dove.gif (19422 bytes)

    1.Fr. Abraham

    Rev. Fr.Abraham Puthuparampil, was born in Kanjirappally, Kottayam Dist. After his school in Mannanam and his studies at Mangalapuzha Seminary at Alwaye, he was ordained priest in Kanjirappally. He served as Vicar in Koottickal, Chirakkadavu, Kootrappally, Thampalakkadu, and Kanjiramattam. He was a good musician and a singer in the church. He was guide of the services of church singers group. He died in April 1, 1941 and buried in the cemetery of Kanjirappally St.Dominic church. He was a known musician with a marvelous Sound of the Music.

    2.P.J. Chacko married Mariyam (Mammy)

    daughter of Ouseph and Rosa Parathodu, Thottakkade. He was one of the founding fathers of Padannamakkel association. He died in Aug. 12, 1988. They had the following children.

    (a) Joseph Kunjunju is a retired headmaster. He married Thresiamma Kunnukandathil, Korattiyil. They have three children, Raji, Rani, and Roy.

    (b) Mariyam Kunjamma married to Thomas Kattadi. They have the following children, Tessy, Jenny, Lisy, and Rosili.

    Chacko (Pappan) married Shanthamma daughter of Paulose and Annamma Ezhupunna, Puthan Purakkal. Jacob Saju, Saji, Manju are their children.

    (d)Rosamma, daughter of P. J. Chacko and Mariyam married to Prof. Chacko Puthettu. Benny, Bency, Neena are their children.

    (e) Prof. Abraham Appachan married Marykutty daughter of Dominic Thadathilankal. Prof. Abraham family have two sons, (a) Rejo,Jimjees (Engineer, Bangalore) and (b)Rinoj (Engineer, Bangalore).
    (a)Rejo (Jimjees) family have a daughter named ‘Maria‘.


    Marykutty Padannamakkel, Puthuparampil, daughter of Dominic, Ponkunnam died on May 4, 2005, in the 54th year of her life at Lakeshore hospital , Thiruvalla. Marykutty, a native of Thekkethukavala, Ponkunnam was a teacher at St. Mary’s High School, Edathua. She belonged from Thadathilankal Family, Ponkunnam. Her funeral took place at Thiru Kudumba Church Cemetery, Ponkunnam on the 6th of May, 2005 at 4:00 pm. Marykutty is survived by her husband Prof. P.C.Abraham (Retired Professor of Marthomma College, Thiruvalla) ; two children-Rejo Jimjees (Engineer, Bangalore) and Rinoj (Engineer, Bosh-Banglalore), her granddaughter ‘Maria’ and her children in laws Neetha (S.A.P) Bangalore and Asha Pattani ; as well as several her relatives.

    (f) Thomas, P.C. (Kunjumon) married Rosamma daughter of Joseph Vattalkkattil, Trisur.

    3. P.J. Joseph (Kunjukutty) and children.

    P.J. Joseph, known as Kunjukutty ( death Sept. 1974) was the third son of Joseph Pappan and the Grand son of Avira . He married Annakutty Meenthathiyil, Kanjiramattam. He was a great artist and performer as well as in drawing to pictures. He was a hero and performer of various stage plays, and drama. His role of hero in 'Mariyamma Natakam' was famous among his contemporaries. He died at the age of 75 and buried in St. Mary's cemetery at Enthayar. The following were their children while living in Enthayar.

    1. Mariyam Ammini married to M.D. Thomas (Thommachan) son of Dominic and Aley Mannamplakkel. Elsey, Joy, Moly, Mariyamma, Bonamma Beena are their children.

    2.P.J. Joseph (Kunjunju) married Mary daughter of Joseph Illikkal, Anikkad.

    3. Aley Kuttiyamma

    4. Thresia (Achamma)

    5.P.J. Kurian (Appachan) married Thresia (Theyyamma) daughter of Devesia Naduviladethu. Anna (Aney), Joseph (Joshi), Thresia (Githa), Mariyam (Anitha) are their children while living in Kanayankavayalil.

    6. Annamma daughter of Joseph and Annakutty married to T.J. Joseph (Appachan) son of Joseph Thuruthel. Lauli, Jobi, Jimmi are their children.

    7. Abraham P.J. (Joy) son of P.J. Joseph and Annakutty married Philomina (Leelamma) daughter of Devesia and Annamma Thattanparampil. Renu, Resmi are their children.

    8. Chacko, P.J. (Baby) married Alphonsa (Sali) daughter of Luka and Thresia Kuttivayilil.

    9. Thomas, P.J. (Thommachan)married Thresiamma (Lailamma) Mithrakkari, Changanacheri.

    Rosamma Married Chacko, B.Sc., B.Ed (Chackochan) Headmaster, Chennankary. Rosamma is also a teacher . Sherin and Chacko are their children.

    4. Mathai P.J. (Kochu, Kochayan) He is the fourth son of Joseph Pappen and Mariyamma.

    He married Annamma daughter of Mathai and Eley Kiliruparampil. The following are their children.

    (1)Joseph Mathew (Babukutty) married Eleyamma (Salikutty) daughter of Joseph, Chenkal Akkattayil.

    2. Mathew (Mathukutty) married Annamma (Kunjumol) daughter of Baby and Saramma, Erumeli Madathinkal.

    5. Dominic P.J. (Kunjumman)

    son of Joseph Pappan and Mariyamma. He was unmarried and died while he was very young.

    6. Vargese, P.J. (Appachan) son of Joseph Pappan

    and Mariyamma married Thresiamma Karayattu, Kanjiramattam. He was a contractor and a business man. He died in May 14, 1972, buried at St. Kuriyakose Church cemetery at Vechuchira.Late Appachan's(Varghese) wife, Thresiamma, Karayattu, Kanjiramattam died in December 17, 1999, aged 82 and buried in the cemetery of St. Thomas Church,Thamplakkadu, Kanjirappally. They had a large family of children and grant children. They had the following children while living in Erumely.

    (1) Mary (Kunjamma) daughter of Varghese and Thresiamma married to M.T. Dominic (Kuttyachan) son of Thomas and Annamma Muttathu, Chenapadi.

    (2) Mercy daughter of Vargese and Thresiamma married to P.J. Mathew (Mathachan) son of Chacko Joseph and Rosamma Pamplaniyil. Binoy, Beena, Binni, Biju, Bibin are their children.

    (3) Leelamma daughter of Varghese and Thresiamma married to Jose son of Kochu and Mariyamma Thozhuthuvayalil.

    (4) Joseph (Jose)

    (5) P.V. Vargese (Vakkachan) married Gracy daughter of Thomas and Rosamma Kandankariyil. Prince, Preetha, Previn, are their children while living in Mundakkayam.

    (6) P.V. Abraham (Baby) son of Vargese and Thresiamma married Ebili, Kappalumakkal Kozhencheri. This family is settled in U.S.A.

    (7) P.V. Chacko (Kunjunju) married Marykutty daughter of Devasia and Mariyam, Mannuparampil Karimpanakkulam. Deepu and Deepa are their children while living in Thampalakkade, Kanjirappally.

    (8) P.V. Mathew (Raju) son of Vargese and Theresia married from Mannathu, Chempakapara, Kothamangalam.

    (9) Lillykutty, daughter of Vargese and Thresia married K.J. Mathew (Appachan) son of Joseph Ramapurathu, Koyilpallil.

    (10) Dominic Vargese (Babu), the son of Vargese and Thresia married Jaya daughter of Pappachan, Kallumakkel, Pampadi. Geethu is their child.

    (11) Elsamma daughter of Vargese and Thresia married Rajan son of Devasia, Poothanikunnel, Theekkoi.

    Vargese and Thresiamma, their son in laws include, Kuttiyachan Muttattu (Chenappadi), Mathuchan Pamblani (Vaikom), Appachan Koyippalli (Ramapuram) Rajan Pootanaprakkunnel (Theekkoi), and Their daughter in laws include, Leelamma Thozhuttunkavayalil (Vechucchira), Grasi Valavanal (Vechuchira), Emily Kappyarumalayil (Kozhanchery), Mary Mannamparampil (Karimpanakkulam), Moly Mannattu (Valakkayam), Jaya Manalummakkal (Pampadi).

    7. Eley (Ammamma)

    She was the seventh daughter of Joseph Pappan and Mariyamma. She married to Dominic son of Yohannan and Mariyam, Kavunkal-Kanjirappally. Dominic died in 1954. The following are their children.

    (1) Mary (Ammacha) Further informations are not available about this family.

    (2)Joseph (Kuttachan) son of Dominic and Aley married Katharin Pennamma daughter of Joseph Plathottam, Kanjiramattam. They have the following children while living in Mundappally. (a) Savio Joseph (Savio)(b)Sisamma Joseph (Amala) (c)Nirmala Joseph (Nirmmala)

    (3)George (Siyappan) son of Dominic and Eley married Mary (Ammini) daughter of Kuruvila and Mariyamma, Cheretteparampil-Velloor. They have the following children, (a) Shibu George (b) Shiju George (Kuruvila) while living in Mundappalliyil, Koottikkal.

    8. Mariyam (Intani) daughter of Joseph Pappan and Mariyam

    married to Mathai Ayilloor. They have the following children.

    (a) Abraham Kunjunju was a Manager of Canara Bank.

    (b) Joseph Appachan (USA)

    (c) James Joy (USA)

    (d) Mathew (Mammachan) USA.

    (e) Kunjamma (Sr. Mary Jesintha, S.A.B.S)

    (f) Thresiamma (Valsamma) married from Puthukannil, Ernakulam.

    9. Devesia P.J., son of Joseph Pappan and Mariyam

    married Aleykutty daughter of Dominic Munjanattu. They have seven children while living in Kannimala.

    (a) Joseph Jose

    (b) Dominic Chandikunju

    Mathew Lalichan

    (f) Thomas Tommy

    (g) James Jameskutty.

    10. Chandi, P.J. son of Joseph Pappan and Mariam

    died while he was in teen at his tender age.

    11. Thresia (Etha) died in 1960.

    She was eleventh child of Joseph Pappen and Mariyam couples.

    12. Annakutty.

    She is the 12th daughter of Joseph Pappan and Mariyam married Thomas (Thommachan) Kochupalathukal, Pulinkunnu. They had two boys and four girls and further details are unknown.

    V. Kunjakko the son of Avira

    was the founder of Panakkal branch.


    was the youngest son of Avira. Abraham died when he was 28 years of old.

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