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4.Annamma daughter of Mathunni Chacko,Acha

and Augusthy Malikapurathu, Kaniyekkattu .Annamma, was the fourth daughter of Mathunni Chacko (Acha) and Eley Karakkattu. Annamma married to Augusthy Malikapurathu, Kaniyekkattu. Annamma died after the birth of her first born baby,'Mariyamma' and leaving her baby as her survivor.After Annamma's death, 'Valliakunju' Annamma's older brother took and adopted Mariyamma as his own child and brought her up until her marriage.

Mariyamma daughter of Annamma

married to Kunjeppu (Ouseph) Kallekulathu Thayil. The following were her children.

1. Mariyam (junior)

married to Joseph Villanthanathu. The following are their children. a.Pappa. b.Elykutty.c. Mariam. d.Thommachan. e. Lucy.

2. Joseph (Pappachan)

married Mariyam, Arakkal Parampil-Thidanadu. The following are their children.

a. Joseph.b.Mary. c.Aleykutty.d. Achamma.e.Lilly.f.Baby.g.Charley.

3. Annamma married to Appachan Vendanathu (Mukkulam.

4. Thresia married to Ulahannan, Pottananiyil, Theekkoi.

5 Thomman married Eley Puthen Purakkal.

Thomman died by a motor accident in 1968. They had four children.Their names are not listed here.

6. Fr. George Thayyil.

Rev.Fr. George Thayyil was born sixth in a family of seven to Ouseph Kunjeppu, Thayyil and Mariyamma daughter of Augusthy, Kaniyekkattu-Malikapurathu of Palai in Palai Diocese. After his high school education in Poonjar, and priestly studies at Mangalapuzha Seminary, he was ordained as priest on March, 1962. After he served as Asst. Vicar at Chemmalamattam, Ramapuram, Chennadu, he continued his higher studies in Theology and Canon Law in Germany and returned to Kerala in 1968 . He served as Vicar at Urulikunnu, Maniyamkunnu, Palakkattumala, Anthyalam. He returned to Germany in 1987 for his unhealthy diabetic treatment and now he settled there for good..

Obituary-Fr. George Thayyil

Fr. George Thayyil (68 Years) formerly vicar of Ramapuram, Chemmalamattam, Mutholipuram, Urulikunnu, Chennadu, Maniyamkunnu, Palakkattumala, died in July 13, 2005. Fr George Thayyil spent 15 years of his priestly life in ministry in Germany. He described himself as preacher, counselor and administrator. His funeral took place at St. Mary’s Church, Theekkoi. Fr. George Thayyil was well known and well respected for his sense of humor, piety and dedication to the poor. A large crowd of mourners gathered at the St. Mary’s Church Theekkoi for Fr George Thayyil’s funeral Mass. He was predeceased by his brother T.J. Thomas, Thayyil and two sisters Mariyam Villamthanam (Kanchiyar) and Theyyamma Pottananiyil. He is survived by his brother, T. J.Joseph, Thayyil, T.J. Augustine Thayyil and a sister Annamma Vendanathu (Mukkulam). We offer our sincere sympathy and condolences to his family members, friends and relatives. May he rest in peace?

7. Augusthy married Theyyamma Kulathinal.

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