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About Me

Here you'll learn all about me:  the people in my family, my roots, friends and more. I've even included a list of my favorite links to other sites.

I am Joseph Padannamakkel the author of 'the Padannamakkel family web site'. I became interested in Genealogy after losing my mother, Annamma Kalackel and father P.C.Mathew, Padannamakkel

We were four brothers and one sister. Chackochan (Jacob) was the eldest brother, and I was next in line. Although his birth was a blessing, he came into this world following a terrible tragedy--the death of our older sister, Gracy. Unfortunately, Chackochan also arrived during the most humanly trying of times, depression times. A plantation manager in Pallivasal and Kothamangalam, my poor father was finding it horrendously difficult merely to survive. Typhoid was mercilessly wiping out many people in and around his region. And it was the terrible typhoid that took Gracy at the tender age of three. My parents were devastated after Gracys passing, and not surprisingly it was not long after Chackochans birth that our father resigned his job due to health reasons and moved us to Kanjirappally.

I was born and raised within the boundaries of Kanjirappally. Around 1948 my parents P.C. Mathew and Annamma bought a house in Pulimakkel, Kanjirappally that is where I spent my formative years. I grew up and spent a happy childhood in lovely Kanjirappally for 15 years. I attended schools in Kanjirappally, at St. Dominics School, Government High School, and in Vazhoor at SVRV (NSS)High School.

Following after graduating from SVRV High School, Vazhoor, I attended Pre-University at Devagiri College, Calicut, at Trivandrum, and Masters at Aligarh Muslim University. I spent two years at the prestigious Aligarh Muslim University where I began in the Master of Commerce. I received my M.Com degree in Sept. of 1968.

I began working in St. Aloysius College, Elthuruthu, Thrissur and many tutorial colleges in Ernakulam, and Palai.

In the December of 1973, I married Rosakutty, Vettathu, and daughter of Mr. George Vettathu, Moonnilavu, and Mary Kappil. Later our marriage, we migrated to New Rochelle, New York in 1973 and here and now, I am a language specialist in South Indian Books and cataloger in New York Public Library.

I have lived most of my life in New Rochelle; USA had the same address since 1974.


I have two children - daughter and son; both are grown.

I derive joy from spending time in the company of my family and friends, researching my family history a never-ending quest I began my research a two years ago and have been motivated ever since.

I have already succeeded an authentic research beginning with my ancestors. On my fathers side, I have found positively much documentation. I have only a short while ago initiated the search in contact with my mothers ancestors for that reason my information does not go back that far.

In February of 1994, my mother had died. I realized after her death that I knew next to nothing about her ancestors, and I did not want my children to face the same thing upon my death. I decided that I would update the information in the web site and preserve the information for my children.

My home page is dedicated to our family history. It is my inheritance for all of my family to derive joy from! Now when my children's children, nieces, nephews and future generations ask questions in regard to their ancestry, they will have more answers than I did.

There could possibly be errors in some files, but I have done my best to be as accurate as possible. I gladly take corrections from family members if any one has more information to submit to this very large family.

Joseph Mathew, Padannamakkel

Taking a break

But my path is not the path of imagination: It is the path that does not use the mind at all.

Imagination and projection and hallucination and illusion -- they are all parts of the mind. My simple approach is transcendence of mind; so only when you start seeing absolute nothingness, utter silence, can you see that I am very close by.

In that silence, you have heard me; in that nothingness, you have seen me. But if you see something, if you hear something, then it is your imagination -- you have fallen from the beyond, back into the mind.

Only one thing has to be remembered: the mind is the world -- and going beyond the mind is the beginning of God.


Here's a list of some of my favorite movies:

Jules and Jim, Manhattan, Breaking the Waves

Here's a list of some of my favorite music:

Nirvana, Frank Sinatra, Ibrahim Ferrer