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Padannamakkel Famiy, Kanjirappally

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I have created this Padannamakkel homepage to help organize genealogy research and hopefully contact others researching on this line. The information contained on these pages is a combination on many family members work, all working towards the same goal of establishing our Family Tree. This compilation of data would not have been possible without the hard work and contributions of our family members. The earliest ancestor we have traced lineage from is Thommi Periyaveettil, Nilakkal (Chayal) who settled in Kanjirappally in A.D.1320. All of the Padannamakkel families we know of today are descended from this man. The files below contain about the Padannamakkel family. Please use them to aid in your search for your ancestors, and please share your information with us.

St. Thomas, the Apostle brought the early Christian Church in Kerala into existence. It is validated by West Asian writings in the Doctrine of the Apostle Thomas and the Acta Thomae, since the AD.2nd century. Both these documents were authored at or near Edessa ca 200-250 AD. There are other records accessible out of the works of historians beginning with - St. Ephrem, St. John Chrysostom, St. Gregorios Nazianzen, in the 4th century; St. Jerome, ca 400 AD, and the historians Eusabius ca 338 as well as Theodore, of the 5th century.

It is believed that during the time when St. Thomas was doing missionary work that he established seven churches and among those church, Nilackal (Chayal) was contained. There is not any historical evidence about St.Thomas missionary work at Nilackal but it is written in old metal plates, Marthomma charitham , Veeradiyan song and many historians writings about certain vague assumptions that St. Thomas established a church at Nilakkal.

The history of Kanjirappally in a Nanam Monam language (old dialect of Tamil) reveals the early settlers of Kanjirappally. One of the forefathers Thommi Periya Veettil was a Trustee of Nilackal church. He, his family and friends moved from Nilackal (Chayal) to Kanjirappally because of the attacks from Pandi Nadu robbers given the name by many as wild animals. The reason for his early settlement to Pazhuthotam, Kanjirappally is not known and not clear in the history of Kanjirappally.

This Periya Veetil Thommi family was engaged in business and agricultural works in their new dreamland. These new settlers attended the Church services at St. George Church Aruvithura around 13 miles away from Kanjirappally. His children, his grand children and their children expanded the Thommi family. They felt an obligation to their own church at Kanjirappally.

A fifth generation Thommi was the leader among the Christian settlers. He bought a house at Mangassery property, Kanjirappally and moved to his new residence to live there with his children. They attended a church to fulfill their spiritual needs away from Kanjirappally.

During this period a fraction of Hindus, known as Vellalar Chettiyar and Kanannur Chettiyar argued with each other and physically fought for the occupation of a temple at Kanjirappally. Both of the Hindu groups petitioned against each other to the King of Thekkankur Raja for his impartial decision on the settlement of Sreekovil Temple.

The King made a suggestion for a new temple to be erected on the Mangassery property near the fifth generation Thommis residence for the settlement of this dispute. This irritated the fifth generation Thommi. Thommi and his friends decided to move from Kanjirappally far away for their own well being.

Unfortunately, Thommi was an important man and of much value for the King in the field of agriculture and business for the prosperity of Kanjirappally. The king requested the fifth generation Thommi and his friends to rethink their decision for the sake of Kanjirappallys prosperity. He offered him land for the church and business for his people. The King himself came to find a place for the church and erected a site for the construction of a church, which is popularly known as Akkarappally St. Marys church. The first mass of this church was held on Sept. 8, 1449 by the auspicious ceremony of Bishop Mar. Joseph.It is this church, Akkarapally, that was the fulcrum of a rapidly growing agricultural community and that today is the focus of an ever-growing cultural awareness in picturesque Kanjirappally and its surrounding area.

This fifth generation Thommis older son became a priest. Second son Kunjakko married from Pattamukkil and lived in Valiyaveettil house. The third son Thommi went to a pilgrimage and on the way to Mylappur he died. The history of Kanjirappally says the Periyaveettil Thommi's (Nilakkal, Chayal) the 14th century unbroken family roots comes from Periyaveettil Thommi (Nilakkal, Chayal) via fifth generation Thommi and his son Kunjakko Valiyaveettil to Chandapilla Padannamakkel, 1662-1730? (12th generation). 

 was the founder of Padannamakkel family. He married the daughter of Karakkal Chacko Panikkar, Thiruvalla and moved to a new Padannamakkel house. (Ref. History of Kanjirappally) This house was built in a classical style of Brahmins with much art and sculptural works. The reminiscence of this house is still there at Kanjirappally.

Today the Padannamakkel family is scattered throughout the world. Most of the members of the Padanamakkal family are common people. You wont find any famous men or women on these pages. You wont find any of these men named in the history books. You wont study them in School. What you will find here are simple Nasarani Christians, from all walks of life, who kept the treasure of great family values for our future generations and their children.

The interest in genealogy today is a good thing. We need to be bound together as families. Family ties give unity and strength. Knowing about the faith, loyalty, courage and patience that our forefathers had in maintaining their homes helps to inspire today's people. I hope this Website can make a link with all the members of the Padanamakkel family. This ancestor hunting is enjoyable, satisfying, and always full of surprises. RESEARCHING genealogy is like a puzzle that makes family history research one of the most popular hobbies in the world. To me, it's not a hobby; it's an obsession.

It is my hope that the web pages at this site lead you to relatives you never knew you had. If you have any family history web page, which you feel, may link up with mine I would love to hear from you.


Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.


Our Family History:

This great book was written by late Mr.A. C. Devesia,Edayadiyil and late Mr.P.C.Mathew, Padannamakkel and also the Padannamakkel Association from research they started in 1965. Both the Authors late Mr.A. C. Devasia and late Mr.P.C.Mathew continued their effort to research our genealogy until their death. In March of 1986, they compiled a history of Padannamakkel, their ancestors and descendants along with the Padannamakkel family. Mr. Kochappachan Padannamakkel (New Delhi) is a creditable craftsman for his dedicated hard work and the continued research for this family publication. 

 "The Book" includes family stories and descriptions of the political and historical events of the time. This book has thousands of entries and has been purchased and cataloged by the New York Public Library as well as many family members in India

Modern technology and the Internet has made my "Quest to Investigate the Past" very expedient; However, much of my work is based on the work of these great people who spent many years of their life researching history of the Padannamakkel families.

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